Friday, March 23, 2012

DIY kitchen canisters

I completed a new craft project! All on my own this time! My baking cupboard was getting out of control. I have used some canisters before but just didn't like them enough to stick with them. Well this time I had a new idea, one I've seen making its way through Pinterest. 

This is just what I had on hand that was needing a jar. All of this stuff was just shoved in the cupboard above my stove.  Now that I've filled my jars, I have thought of and found more things that I would like to get transferred over. 
I think it was fate that I made myself get started on this project because Hobby Lobby has their glass on sale for 50% the week I went and picked them all out!  Keep watch for me because I'm needing more!! I grabbed that wine bottle as a last minute decision with the idea of filling it with my grains, legumes, etc.

I grabbed some masking tape from the Dollar Tree for a buck, the chalkboard paint from Micheal's for $.63 (I used the weekly 40% off coupon. I thought I would use it for something else more substantial but didn't find it. I had the coupon so used it anyway.), and I had the sponge brush at home already.

First, I taped off a square on all the jars.  I cannot draw a straight line to save my life but I think I did ok with laying the masking tape in straight lines.

Once the tape is laid, paint away.  I did two coats on each jar to get rid of the streaks. Be careful when peeling the tape off, though, because the paint pulled up on some the edges. I also had a few smudges where paint got under the tape.  I just used a Q-tip to clean up the excess paint and make it a straight line again.
All filled! I still have a ways to go on filling the wine bottle but I ran out of stuff I already had on hand to put in it.
Now I'm excited for them to come on sale again so I can add more to the collection!
Other things I want to add to them are quinoa, Israeli couscous, other sugars, steel cut oats, my list could go on and on!