Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Cake Balls

While back home at Mom and Dad's a couple weekends ago, cake balls were also on the menu.  I have never made cake balls but knew the general process. I used a Christmas boxed cake mix that I didn't get to over the holidays. I baked it up according to the box 

Next, I crumbled it all up. I think this my favorite step. I made sure to remove, aka eat, all the edges that wouldn't mix well with the frosting.
I had a helper trying to swipe the frosting as I was mixing it into the cake crumbles.

Once I let the balls harden in the freezer for awhile I got to the dreaded dipping step. I do not have much grace for making things really pretty. I get too impatient and want to be effiicient all the time. This usually means that things do not come out looking like I spent two hours on them to be perfection. A cake decorator I will never be.  Now Josh on the other hand....he can make anything look really cool. Whether it be food, jewelry, paintings, drawings, even metal weldings. He definitely got all the artistic and creative genes.

Valentine Cake Pop anyone?? :)