Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pizza Night with a Valentine Twist

It's Friday night! That means pizza night! It has been awhile since we've had pizza on a Friday night so I figured what better way to bring it back than with a special Valentine's heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's!
I added some black olives to my corner!
 My broken heart :( 
Smore's pizza!! I love smore's, but somehow Kaydin does not. They are too sticky for her and she hates marshmallows.  I'm really not even sure if she's mine ;) I have a hard time claiming her when she passes up on smore's.

We actually saved the smore's pizza for tomorrow night though in favor of some cupcakes Tim brought home from a client of his.  The flavors were peanut butter and jelly, creme brulee, chocolate indulgence, and cherry cheesecake.  The cake part was really good! I'm not a huge frosting fan so that part didn't completely win me over, but that's hard to do with frosting. I will say they were still really good though! Here is her website to read about more of her flavors and how to order.

My favorite was the creme brulee filling and the peanut butter frosting!