Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quick Getaway- Chicago

Disclaimer: Ok, so I obviously didn't finsih this in the same month I started writing it! Oops :)

Last month- oh wait, it's already November. Okay, well back in September.  oh, wait again! We were actually there in October too. ANYWAY-- we went to Chicago a few weeks ago.  We had been planning on taking Kaydin after Tim and I visited there last fall.  We didn't end up making it til a year later but so glad we finally got out of town.  Kaydin was so excited to see the dinosaur bones at the muesum.

I absolutely LOVE Chicago! If I moved outta Des Moines and got the choice to any city to live in, I would choose Chicago. I don't know why I even love it so  much, but I think it's a great city.  On our trip this year we wanted to hit the Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, and Millenium Park to see the Bean.  We accomplished that and more!

When we got into town we checked into our hotel and set out on foot to explore the nearby parks.  First, we went to Grant Park.

After Grant Park, we headed further up Michigan Ave to walk through Millenium Park to see the Bean!

Our dinner of choice for the night was Giordano's and their famous deep dish pizza. It was great! Although the slices are so thick and full, it was hard to get down two pieces.

The next day we planned to hit the aquarium.  We got up early to be there when they opened so we could avoid the lines.  We did get there early and joined only a short time.  Even though it was short, we still had quite the wait. It turns out their system was down.  It slowed us down a little but once we got through admission, we were on our way! We took a short time to see some of the exhibits before we headed to the lower level to catch the aquatic show. 

Kaydin loved the show and really loved seeing the dolphins.

After we explored all the exhibits and sea critters, we found a quick place for lunch and then walked back the hotel to take a short break before heading back out to do a little shopping on Michigan Avenue.  We took a taxi the 2 miles or so up the street. Kaydin couldn't wait to ride in the taxi! She even hailed it herself!

First time in a taxi.
Kaydin was really excited to do some shopping at the Minnie Store- aka the Disney Store. She chose Minnie Mouse for her Halloween costume so wanted to find a Minnie doll to carry with her for trick-or-treating. Once we were shopped out, we headed towards Rainforest Cafe. I thought this would be a great place to go for dinner.  Really entertaining and a unique place.

For our last day in Chicago, we visited the field museum.  I wish we had more time to explore here there was soo much to see!

As we were packing up the car, a limo was outside our hotel.  Kaydin loves limos. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a picture with it!

The quick weekend vacation was great! We will definitely be visiting again!  Next time we plan to hit the zoo and Navy Pier!