Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pinstripe Bowl in NYC

I got a great Christmas gift this year from Tim.  One that I will keep forever!  The chance to travel to New York for the Iowa State bowl game. and BONUS-- be there over New Year's Eve!! Something that was on our bucket list anyway.

We had a 6am flight out of DSM on game day, Friday December 30.  Of course we are running behind and when we get up the escalator we see a line that snakes all through the security pathway.  WHAT?!?!?!  It's 5:30am in Des Moines?!?  Why the long line?  So we wait it out for about 10-15 minutes and decide if we wait fairly in this line we will definitely miss the plane. So I line jump to the TSA person and explain the situation. His reply is that I will have to ask every person in line if they mind if we go in front of them because he will not move us to the front.  Ok, I can do that! Well, sorta.  I turned around and Tim was snaking through the line at the perfect time and was directly behind me. Perfect! Now I just have to make sure this next person in line to go through security will let me cut. He didn't seem too be ecstatic about letting us jump in front of him, I think his response was, "uhhh, yea I guess." Nevermind I was supposed to ask the 60 people in line if I could jump in front of them, this first person in line will do just fine!
Whew! Disaster averted! Well--- almost! I get through security just fine, but of course as luck would have it Tim is pulled aside for an extra security check!! I go ahead to the gate and as I'm walking there I hear our flight being called over the speaker. I think there was some deja vu going on at this point.  We did make it to the gate though with just a minute to spare.  Ok, on to New York.

We landed, grabbed a taxi easily and made it to the hotel at about 11:30am. Of course the room wasn't ready so we headed across the street for some lunch.

This sandwich was sooo good! After that we walked down the street towards Time Square.

We didn't go too far because we still needed to get changed for the game and figure out the subway system to get to Yankee Stadium. 

Getting to the stadium turned out to be very easy. Just just had to jump on the D train and get off at the Yankee Stadium stop.  The subway was full of Iowa State and Rutgers fans.  We couldn't have gotten lost if we tried! Getting back, not as easy- though not disastrous. More on that later.  The stadium was really cool and we bought tickets in a great section!  It was a really fun afternoon even the Cyclones did not bring forward their best game play. :(  Oh well, we were still in New York City!!

We made our way to the subway station and once we were on realized it wasn't the one we wanted. It was, though, going in the right direction and would work.  We got off at 59th and Madison and started walking. We found a Naples style pizza place. Really good! After we ate, we kept on walking and finally made it back to our hotel. Once we got back we turned on the Iowa game but both crashed cuz it had been a long day!

Up next....Exploring New York City and New Year's Eve!