Monday, January 9, 2012

Kaydin's birthday celebration- Day 1

Kaydin's birthday was Thursday of last week but she got lucky and started her celebration a day early.  Tim called me after work saying we should take her to Toys-R-Us and let her pick out something. So we met him there in the evening and let her roam the aisles looking for the perfect toy.
 Tim even joined in the fun of playing with the toys!
It didn't take her long to find a few things she wanted to take home....3 things to be exact! LOL she lugged these things all over telling us she was ready.  Tim kept telling her to choose just one thing, but she was ready to load up all her new friends and take them home.
I told Kaydin to put her lip out and try that.  That ALWAYS gets Tim.  LOL
This time though I agreed with him and she needed to pick just one.  The puppy in the purse
was her final choice.  She would learn later in the week that one of those new pets she picked out in the store would make it to the house.  We ran into Tim's sister at Toys-R-Us that night and she had already picked out the puppy in the purse, too! Good thing we saw them there.  But Kaydin did get lucky and got to welcome one more stuffed dog to her pack. 

More birthday festivities to come!