Friday, January 27, 2012

Fresh Whole Foods for Cheap!

I am a major bargain shopper. I hate paying full price for anything.  That goes for groceries, too. I love it when the new weekly ad comes out for the week.  I usually base my grocery shopping on what's on sale for the week and then plan my meals around that.  Today I did a stock-up on some fresh produce.

any guesses on where I got this haul???

It was at Aldi's!!  I love Aldi's for their milk, baking items, produce, and lots more.  It may not be the most well-known or popular grocery store but give it a chance! It's worth the savings!
Now any guesses on what I paid for everything??
 Only $26!!

 1 lemon: $.35 each
2 limes: $.25 each
1 four lb. bag of oranges: $1.49
1 three lb. bag of apples: $2.69
4 avocados: $.49 each
16 oz package strawberries: $1.29
1 package celery: $.99
4 pack pears: $.99
2 lbs bananas: $.44/lb.
1 bag of multigrain tortilla chips: $1.69
1 three lb. bag of onions: $1.29
3 pack green peppers: $1.99
3 pack fresh garlic: $.89
whole wheat mini bagels: $1.99
3 16oz bags of baby carrots: $.49
1 Greek style yogurt: $.69 (not pictured)
1 no-fat yogurt: $.39 (not pictured)
1 honeycrisp apple: $.59 (not pictured. That was Kaydin's snack in the car)


  1. Thanks for posting that. I am totally going tomorrow!
    Shaunna your SP gal :)

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