Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cherry Hearts

With the passing of Christmas we are thrown right into the next holiday, Valentine's Day!  Yes, some say it's just a greeting card holiday, but hey- I'm a girl, and I've always loved February 14 and the time leading up to the 14th.  
With Valentine's Day now approaching means it's time for the Brach's Cherry Jube Jel Hearts to hit the shelves again! These were my mom's favorite growing up and carried right on over to me.  Now it just means I don't have to share the bag! Unless I leave the bag out on the table and both Tim and Kaydin dig into it like I did over the weekend!  I found both of them sneaking my hearts multiple times over the weekend! Looks like I may also have to pick up on Mom's hiding habits.  I always know I'll find a sweet treat hiding in her middle counsel when I get in her car ;)  I may have to try this trick, too!