Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 Goals

Ok. So I have been thinking of allllll these things I wanna do in 2012.  I figured it was time to write them down so I can actually try to achieve them this year.  Maybe this will hold some more accountability.
  1. Post photos at least 5 days per week to the blog.
  2. Make homemade hummus. With dried chickpeas and even tahini.
  3. Be more intentional with my meal planning. I usually do well with this through March and then it all goes downhill. We eat healthy but I would like to have more of a plan laid out.
  4. Of course make sure these meals are healthy and include lots of good for you ingredients, aka natural and lacking in the chemicals.
and.....I'm at a blank. I know I had more. The list will continue on as I can remember what me other goals are.....I knew I shoulda been writing them down as I thought of them!
  1. Not hoard my food supplies.  Yes, I am guilty of being a food hoarder as my best friend, Kristyn and boyfriend, Tim, call me.  I just love a good sale! But using up those supplies makes me nervous! I dont wanna run out!! lol So I need make sure to use up my good buys before they expire!
  2. Save more moola! I don't have an exact amount yet but I wanna have a bigger stash sitting in the bank than I did this year when December 2012 rolls around.
  3. Make sure Tim and I get more alone time. Fitting that in can be hard sometimes and we need to make sure we find more time to have fun and get out and do things just us. I'm gonna throw a hope of once per month out there! That shouldn't be too hard to hit!
  4. Along the same lines, keep up my relationships with my friends. Gotta love girl time!
  5. Read more books. I would like to log 6 books read this year. Yes, kinda low, but it's hard for me to find time to read in the busy daily schedule.
  6. Work out at least 5 times per week. I have a gym at my job. And bonus we are encouraged to use it during the workday if need be. So this means I can work out at before my scheduled clock-out time of 4:30 and be home even sooner! I do still have my Gold's Gym membership so I try to hit there a couple times a week, too. I got a great deal of $20 per month so might as well keep using it. Plus I can take Kaydin there with me to play in the kids area so then I can squeeze in work outs on weekends, too.
  7. A few specifics on the healthy food front would be to include more:
    • chia seeds
    • flax
    • fish
    • quinoa
    • couscous
I still know I have many more things I want to accomplish. I'll keep adding to this over the next month as I think of things.