Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday=Pizza Night

Since late spring early summer we have designated Friday night to be pizza night! Most times we get take-n-bake from Papa Murphy's. If you haven't tried their Chicken Bacon Artichoke DeLite pizza, you're missing out! Sometimes I make it at home.  Tonight I decided to go the homemade route.  Well, semi-homemade I guess you could say. Kaydin and I made the trip to Trader Joe's last night to pick up some ingredients.  We were making fig butter proscuitto pizzas with argula.  Originally, I planned on using the Trader Joe's pizza dough. I've used it before and it's pretty good, but last night I couldn't find it.  So I went with naan, an Indian bread.  I picked up a multi-grain style in the bread section and also some garlic naan in the frozen food section.  I used a recipe from Pioneer Woman found here.  I baked the pizzas for about 8 minutes at 425 degrees then turned the broiler for 2 minutes to crisp up the proscuitto a little more.

I made two types of pizza. One using the fig butter as the sauce and the other using just some olive oil and sea salt for the sauce.  On the olive oil ones I used goat cheese, too. This kind was a remake of my favorite pizza in the city from Red Rossa! Sad to say though, Red Rossa definitely beat me out.  Both of the pizzas were pretty good.  Tim wasn't a huge fan of either but he did eat all that was on his plate! I guess that's a good sign!

The pizza using the garlic naan and goat cheese before I added the argula.

This is the fig butter kind.

With the special ingredient. This makes the pizza! Love adding the argula.


  1. When my friend Mon and I were living in the same apartment complex, Friday night was almost always wine and pizza night. Pizza or no pizza, Friday is one of my favorite nights to chill and lounge with no worries. :)

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  3. Oh my god, I want that slice of pizza so much. But I can't afford it for myself, it will ruin my whole diet. Why does pizza taste so good, but it is so fatty? I want eat it and not getting weight. It's one of my fantasies, just like knowing how to start a thesis statement without actually spent time on it)


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