Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bringing the restaurant to the home

A few Sundays ago we grilled at home for supper. Now this isn't too out of the ordinary.  We usually grill on Sunday nights.  But this time I got to sit back and be waited on- restaurant style! And Tim even did the grocery shopping.

Sunday afternoon I made a quick shopping list of things for Tim to grab for dinner Sunday night while he was out at the gym. When he returned him and Kaydin got to work cooking while I took the dogs for a walk.  When I got back, Kaydin was all smiles and said they had a surprise for me.  I was instructed I couldn't help with any cooking or preparing, I just had to sit down at the table.  Tim and Kaydin made up my plate and then Miss Kaydin brought it to me like a waitress! Tim even coached her on asking me what I'd like to drink, if I needed ketchup, if I needed anything else, etc. 

After we all ate they got to work on preparing dessert.  It was an already baked batch of zucchini brownies (baked by me the previous day).  They woulda been really good if I woulda followed the recipe correctly! I mistakenly read the recipe to include TWO CUPS of cocoa instead of just a half cup. Reading this I did think, wow! that's a lot of cocoa, but went ahead with what the recipe said (in my defense, though, the recipe was in Polish and when I translated it, the format got kinda funky). forward to pulling them outta the oven and trying them, they were dry, crumbly and far too much cocoa!! but- on Tim's shopping trip he brought home some ice cream and peanut butter chips.  His concoction included adding the chips and some milk and then heating it up in the mircowave for a short time to get it too gooey.  Then he topped with ice cream.  The dessert was transformed into a chocolate melting cake with a side of vanilla ice cream! His dessert was WAYYY better than mine!

A Sunday night of dining in a restaurant  but not having to step foot outside was a nice surprise!