Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer 2011 in pictures

Summer is passing far too quickly! Can't believe it's state fair time! I can't say that I'm too sad summer is getting to the end, though! Esp since those who know me, know that fall is my all-time FAVORITE time of year!! Bring on the fall weather!!  I am beyond over the July heat and humidity!  This last week has been a nice break, though! If only it could be like this year round! I thoguht I would be able to post these in order, but...yea not gonna happen.  So here's part 1 of our summer.  In no particular order!

Kissing a toad! Yuck

Kay and Squeaky

For some reason she loves to help Tim shine his shoes.

Kaydin's playhouse at Grammy n Papa's house that Papa and Uncle Joshie built her.

What is obsession with toads?!?
On Father's Day we went to the driving range.

Here's the cheering section.

and his two biggest fans :)

Her first dance recital

Her first and only time being brave enough to sit on it!

She took swimming lessons again this year in Pocahontas.

We visted Adventureland with Grammy and Papa for Apple Tree Day on one
of the hottest days of the summer.  Thank God for the waterpark there!

It was my birthday and she got the cake in the face.

More pics to come....