Friday, July 29, 2011

Asparagus hunting

My favorite time of year is hands down fall! No question! But spring is right behind.  The first bud of leaves and green grass is so exciting and much needed after a long Iowa winter.  One of my favorite things about spring is the asparagus. My parents live on a gravel road and their section is filled with wild asparagus.  We get as much as we can in April and May.  This year Kaydin, Dad, and I set out on the four wheelers and went down the road!
My sweet ride!

Setting out!

Stopping to pick

found some!

This one grew too fast and seeded out. Oh well, more for next year!

Windy out there, huh Kaydin?  :)

Another look at my ride (well technically Kaydin's. Dad bought this 4 wheeler for
her even though I protested.)

Oh Geez! into the ditch they go!

Papa! Yikes! Kaydin was screaming the whole time!

Our harvest!

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  1. I sort of love asparagus! Unfortunately, this love didn't happen until the random crop from my parent's garden slowly died away... :(


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