Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vacation Journal, part 6- Barbados

We woke up to a cloudy overcast sky, not what you want to see when you have a beach/snorkel day planned.  We walked through the terminal area to find the place that was designated as our meeting place for the tour.  Once we located it, we browsed through some shops right there in the terminal area.  Of course, now is when it decides to start raining, well more like pouring!! We found others that were also waiting for Shasa Tours to pick them up.  Well at least we knew we were in the right spot and didn’t get left.  We waited awhile, watching as other groups left with their tours guides.  We started to wonder a little but shortly after, the driver arrived and drove us to the spot where we would get on the catamaran.  We had two guides for the day. We all boarded and set out.  By now the rain had slowed down and had almost quit.  We drove to the snorkel spot and were the first boat there.  As we anchored we saw a few turtles.  As we got our snorkel gear on, one of the guides jumped in and started feeding the turtles.  There were soo many of them! And a few that were pretty big!  They would come right by you and swim around trying to get food like you weren’t even there!  You could stick your arm out and touch their shells as they swam by.  It was very cool.  I looked down once and saw a HUGE stingray.  It was at least 6 feet wide and the tail on it was looongg.  Probably 10 feet, I would guess.  Only one other swimmer and the guide were near me to see it. Our guide said it is the biggest one he has seen!

Regrettably, we don’t have any pictures of Tim in the water with them. He was having trouble with his snorkel and kept breathing in water.  I thought he was uncomfortable
(he’s not a fan of water, ya know) and he didn’t like snorkeling.  I didn’t wanna pressure him to jump back in the water if he didn’t like it.  I later found out he really did enjoy it.  So we’ll just have to go back again and get pictures of him with the turtles. ;)

After swimming with the turtles for about 30 minutes we loaded up and sailed to our next snorkel spot, a coral reef preserve and sunken barge.  The govt actually sank this barge to promote the sea life and bring in more fish to the area.  It was really cool! Here I saw many fish like the one in the children’s book, Rainbow Fish.  Here Tim fixed his snorkel gear and was easily able to swim and not get a mouthful of water through the snorkel.  Him and I set off down the reef to see what we could find.  There were tons of different fish, lots of fan coral, and some sea urchins.  Tim loved snorkeling it turned out! I am glad because now it means we can keep going on other new islands we visit!  After snorkeling at the coral reef for awhile we made the trip back to the beach we were picked up at.  There was transportation waiting to take us back to the ship. 

When we got back on the ship we stopped by our room to drop off our swim gear and headed to Deck 9 for the lunch buffet.  This was the only time we would be on the ship during the lunch hour.  Lots of many yummy choices were offered and I sampled a few of them but my lunch mainly consisted of a HUGE salad with TONS of vegetables.  I needed to get some vitamins in!!  Tim commented on my HUGE salad. I said “Yea but all of this is a small amount of calories, it’s ok.”  He replied with, “Yea, but it’s a ton of food!!”  LOL he was right but I did make a pretty good dent in it!

After we ate we headed back out to the terminal shops to make a few purchases.  The weather was still crappy and it was sprinkling rain the whole time and overcast.  Soon, we were back on the ship and relaxing in our room until dinnertime.  Tonight I tried the vegetarian dish on the menu, the baked polenta.  It was very good!  Tim chose some type of chicken dish that he said was pretty good.  We also chose the black bean soup, the French onion soup, a sushi appetizer, and the smoked chicken quesadilla.  Every night I looked at the menu I could usually pick out with Tim would order before he even said anything. I guess I just know him that well ;)  The evening show was a juggler that was actually really good. He was entertaining to watch.  I can’t remember what we did after the show…. Shoulda taken more notes!

Polenta (sorry it's the wrong way)

Tim's chicken

Tomorrow St. Lucia….