Friday, May 27, 2011

Vacation Journal, part 5- Sea Day

The next day was a sea day.  We wanted to get up and watch the sunrise.  Tim set his alarm and got me up when it was time to head to “Libido Deck”. The sun wasn’t up yet, but it was really cloudy so it wasn’t as pretty as I was hoping it would be but we still saw it at least! 

After watching the sunrise it was only about 6:15am and the full breakfast didn’t start until 7-7:30 so we decided to grab some pastries and juice then head back to the cabin lay back in bed for awhile.  I got a short nap in but Tim couldn’t fall asleep so watched TV the whole time.  We got up about ate a big breakfast then decided to hit the gym early.  I thought I would run a little bit each day but this turned out to be the only day I worked out.  Tim only made it one or two other days, also.  I ran on the outdoor track while Tim hit the weights in the gym which is located up by the spa on Deck 11. After I finished my running I went to find Tim in the gym area and lifted some.  He still was not done with his workout so I went back to the room to shower and get my swimsuit on and then set up on a deck chair to get some sun.  We were lucky that it was really sunny and hot on our day at sea.  Tim later joined me and we layed in the sun for as long as we could take it.  We were there until about noon and then decided to take a quick shower before heading to the wine tasting that was scheduled at 1:00.  We each got 5 glasses of wine paired with crackers, grapes, strawberries, and 3 or 4 different kinds of cheeses for $10 each. A pretty good deal!  The wine tasting was fun and informative, glad we did it. 

After wine tasting we headed to the Adult Serenity Deck area for our Cruise Critic meet and greet.  We were a little late since we the wine tasting ran over but we did find a few people that I had talked with online before the cruise, a group of people from Atlanta that traveled down for a wedding that was in St. Thomas the previous day.  We spent a little while talking and then all went to the Love and Marriage game.  We already planned on going so we all went down together.  The couple that we were with got picked to go on stage as the newlywed couple.  The game was a lot of fun and Tim and I played along from the audience.  He actually did REALLY well! I was impressed!!

After the game we ventured to the lunch area and of course had some frozen yogurt and cheesburgers.  The ice cream and frozen yogurt machines are open 24 hrs but we surprisingly didn’t eat it everyday (even though now I wish we did. I could really go for some twist frozen yogurt right about now!). 

Tonight was our first formal night for dinner so we got all dressed up and waited to be seated. This was the only night we ended up sitting with someone else for dinner.  We were seated with a honeymooning couple from Florida.  It was fun to hear others’ plans for the week and also their life in another state.  I didn’t take pictures this night but the Greek salad I ordered was AWESOME!!!  I only ordered one dessert this night, of course the chocolate melting cake!!  After we ate, Tim and I went to the Vegas Style show, City Lights.  There was adult comedy night this night, also, so we went to that after the City Lights show.  Again the comics were hilarious!

After the comedy show I’m sure we headed to the pizza area for some pizza slices and frozen yogurt like we did a few nights of the cruise (I thought I would remembered everything more clearly. I should’ve taken more notesJ) .  All I really wanted was the crust to dip in my ice cream, YUM!! –What you don’t dip your pizza crust in ice cream???  What about fries??  I learned this from my mom when I was really little.  The Villager chocolate malt and French fries, MMMM!! You need to try both dippers if you haven’t yet, so good!!

Tomorrow- Barbados and swimming with the turtles.  Tim’s much anticipated tour of the whole vacation!