Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vacation Journal, part 4- St. Thomas

The next morning we got up and headed to Deck 9- Lido Deck, or as Tim called it all week- Libido Deck.  There we found some long lines for the breakfast buffet.  In the morning hours, there is an omelet station where you get hamburgers and hot dogs in the afternoon, the Mississippi BBQ.  Here the line was short at all hours everyday of the cruise.  We ate our breakfast and headed back to our room to pack a few things we needed for the day and headed off the ship to look at the Havensight Shopping Mall right there at the port.  We only had a short time and decided to head back to meet up with our tour with Godfrey.  Remember, we needed to stop pushing our luck on time.  We headed back to the security gate and ran into a man holding a clipboard.  He stuck his hand right our and asked if I was Mollie.  Perfect timing!! He was directing others that were also on his tour that day.  First, we had two hours to shop in downtown Charlotte Amalie.  Tim and I first went to the post office that we parked beside to mail a postcard out to Kaydin.  We spent the time browsing many shops looking at liquor prices, sunglasses, cologne, etc.  I knew the prices would be good but didn’t expect to want to spend much.  We didn’t budget too much for shopping but next time we will remember that and maybe bring back some nice watches and colognes and perfume that were priced a good amount less than here in the US.  After walking down the long street and back up again we visited the open air market area where I found some cute hairclips for Kaydin, a butterfly and flower. 
Kaydin's new butterly clip and her Ciera look-alike we found in San Juan

Next, was the island sightseeing part of the tour.  Godfrey picked us back up at the shopping area and we were on our way.  We stopped at many places for some great views and he pointed out Bluebeard and Blackbeard’s Castle.  We also went to the Mountain Top area.  The new mall had just open a few weeks earlier.  It was very nice and the view was GREAT!!! Godfrey was a wealth of knowledge and really knew his stuff.  He was great and ran a successful business! I would book with him again. After about 1 ½ hours of showing us the sights we went on to Magen’s Bay.  The beach is great, very pretty and clean.  The water beautifully clear.  Tim and I layed out our towels and got in the water.  We quickly noticed all the small fish around us. There were hundreds!! We had until 3:40 in the afternoon to spend at the beach.  We played in the water for a little bit and then hit our towels for some relaxation time.  While Tim napped a little, I watched the crazy birds dive right into the water to try to catch one of the small fish that we were swimming with earlier.  After lounging for awhile in the sand, we couldn’t contain our hunger so we walked down the beach to the restaurant and bar. There we got two huge slices of pizza for $3.00 each.  We headed back to gather our things, hit the bathrooms (nice clean facilities), and boarded our bus back to the ship.  Godfrey took the scenic route back that took about 20-25 minutes.  We were walking about on to the ship about 4:15.  This was the only port we had to show our ID with our sign and sail cards.  All other ports only asked you to show the sign n sail card.  A great first stop to our vacation! 
The new shopping mall entrance at the Mountain Top

 One of the birds that dove under the water to get the fish.                One of Godfrey's vehicles

The view of where our ship docked

Magen's Bay

View from the Mountain Top. Below is Magen's Bay

Another view of Magen's Bay

The safety drill was scheduled for today at 4:30pm.  We stopped back at our room and then headed to our muster station. Easy and painless, well if you disregard Tim’s objections and multiple threats to just skip it!  He agreed easy though and it was mandatory.  After the safety drill, we hit up the deli. We actually tried getting a sandwich before the drill but all the food stations stop serving and close while the safety briefing is going on.  I thought we should try it, maybe we could get our food first. Tim knew it wouldn’t work but humored me anyway. A few people in front of us and the line was stopped. Dang it! He was right!! So anyway, after the drill he hopped back in line at the deli.  Pesto, arugula, fresh mozzarella, and turkey for her; grilled ham and cheese for him.  The pesto sandwich is great!! The grilled ham and cheese not so much.  As we sat by the window watching our ship sail away from the island of St. Thomas, we saw many other little islands.  One was just solid rock, nothing on it.  Tim came up with an elaborate plan to build a house IN the island. It was pretty detailed and actually sounded pretty cool- just not too practical.  He said the hardest part of building his new island home was getting the materials out there.  Lol, he was pretty serious about this island-home-in-the-rocks.
For dinner we chose the fried mozzarella, wilted spinach and portabella mushroom with bacon bits and blue cheese (awesome!), Yukon gold cream of potato soup for starters.  Tonight is the night Tim started his ordering of the fruit cream soups.  Tonight it was Chilled Cream of Peaches.  For our main course I ordered the flat iron steak and Tim ordered the Fried Chicken.  He said his chicken was pretty good, but my steak wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be.  For dessert, Tim ordered the Bitter N Blanc, which is a dark choc and white choc bread pudding with vanilla sauce.  Well I don’t care for bread pudding so didn’t think I would like it.  Wow, was I wrong!! This was probably my favorite thing we ate all week!! It was awesome!! I found the recipe upon returning home, but man, it seems pretty complicated for me.  I think I’ll have to try it though just so I can have it again, SO GOOD!!  We also ordered the chocolate melting cake.  Tonight was the best it was cooked in my opinion.  Not too runny, enough baked cake, but still had the melting cake feel.  We also tried the Tiramasu.  This was just ok.  After dinner we ventured to the Caribbean Lounge for the Welcome Aboard Show.  It featured the singers and dancers  of the ship.  After this we headed to the adult comedy that is held in the Adriatic Lounge, Deck 5, Aft.  Happy Cole was great! He was hilarious and had us laughing the whole time! 
Tim's fried chicken

My flot iron steak- not very good.

Fried mozzarella

 Tim with his yukon gold potato soup. He liked it! :)
Wilted spinach with portabello mushroom.  Very good!

Chilled peaches and cream