Monday, May 16, 2011

Vacation journal, part 2- San Juan hotel, Da House

Once we landed in San Juan and picked our luggage off the baggage claim, we walked outside to the taxi area. We were handed a sheet with all the common fares on it and directed to a taxi.  Very easy. And we landed at 10:45pm.  The taxi driver needing to ask another driver for clarification on where the hotel was should have been our first clue about the hotel, Da House.  I read both good and bad reviews but should have listened to the bad ones.  In all, it worked out and served it’s purpose but I would NOT stay there again.

Well, we pull up to an alley and the driver says the entrance is down there, pointing down a small alley.  In the alley are lots of people just hanging out outside a bar or two. I wasn’t scared, just was thinking….hmmm, ok…. Well we found it easily and walked up the two sets of stairs to get to the front desk.  Nothing special but not too bad either.  We get checked in and haul our HEAVY suitcases up another set of stairs (no elevator). We walk in and the room is small!!! And no TV.  Tim has to fall asleep to a TV so he’s not too happy.  Well, it’ll work. We can’t make any changes or leave the hotel cuz we’ll be charged $100. I can see why they have this fee.  If not, everyone would be leaving.  To make it worse, our sheets, blankets, and towels were still damp from washing.  They changed them quickly and were very nice about it so that was a plus.  Also, I swear I booked a room that said on the side of the building AWAY from the party.  Well, that was not case.  We were directly on the alley side and was very noisy until really late. 

We wanted some water so walked just one block down to a small little open-air convenience store and got some water (that was in a cooler but NOT cold), powerade and some other little snacks.  We came back and watched some of the Hangover on his Iphone.  I STILL laugh out loud almost the whole movie even though I’ve seen it a bunch of times.  We both fell asleep pretty easily since we were so tired from traveling all day and Tim even said the alley noise helped him fall asleep.

We were hoping for great weather the next morning so we could explore Old San Juan and the historical forts.   Only a few more hours until we got to board the ship!! I was so excited for Tim to see it and experience cruising!!