Monday, May 16, 2011

Vacation Journal, part 1- Getting to Puerto Rico

So here's the LONG summary of our vacation!  It's pretty long and detailed because I'm also writing a review of the cruise on  So I'm saving time and sort of combing the two.

So after a Friday afternoon of running errands and stopping at Kaydin's school for Parent Appreciation Snacktime, we were ready to get Kaydin and the dogs packed and so they could get their vacation started with Mom and Dad.   So I spent the previous night getting all my stuff packed and ready.  Tim on the other hand put it off and waited for my help :).  So our Friday night was a long one getting packed and repacked to combine suitcases, mowing the lawn, and making sure the house was all ready for ys to be gone for 10 days. 

Finally Saturday morning came and we started our journey.  We had to drive the 2.5 hours to the Kansas City airport as the airfare was over $300 cheaper per person than out of Des Moines.  Of course we got a later start than I planned but we were still doing ok for time. Or so I thought.  We were pulling into the parking lot at about 11:35am for our flight that left at 12:46pm.  We grabbed the shuttle and made our way to the Delta terminal.  By the time we were dropped off, it was about 11:55 or so at this point.  We went to the counter to drop our checked bags, but of course mine was overweight by a few pounds.  I need to add though that it was NOT all my stuff.  Tim had me carry some of his stuff in my suitcase. We took a few shoes out and still weighed in at 51pounds.  The chick at the counter let it slide though so we were now on our way to the security check.  The way the Kansas City airport is set up really helped us in making our flight.  The ticket counter, security check, baggage claim, and gates are all in one area per airline.  So this meant we didn’t have to go far to finally make it to our departing gate.  Once we got through security it was about 12:30pm, just enough time to sneak in a couple pictures, hit the bathroom, and choose a NookBook. 

A word of advise: DO NOT spend the $10.99 to purchase Snooki’s book. I knew it would be a risky purchase, but I thought it may be entertaining and funny.  Well it’s actually a novel sort of based on her life.  Well, not well-written let me tell ya.  I read a few pages on the plane to Atlanta and have not opened it since.  Maybe one day I will finish it…yea maybe not.

So we made the first plane with just a few minutes to spare.  All went well as we flew on to Atlanta.  Once we landed in Atlanta we set out for a store I wanted to look in since we had a 3 ½ hour layover.  We then continued on to our concourse and got some lunch.  We choose to eat at a place called Nature’s Table.  My kind of airport food!! Lots of healthy choices.   I picked a shaved chicken type sandwich and a Greek salad. YUM!! It was really good. 

So we just continued to talk and hang out waiting for the time to roll around when we should walk down to the gate.  Our flight was scheduled to take off at 7:15pm. I’m not sure what time we started walking down there but on the way Tim spots a sunglasses store that sells Oakleys since he forgot his sunglasses at home.  So I run to the bathroom while he tries some on. I come back and he is still trying them on and trying to make a decision.  Ultimately, he decided to pass and just when we walk out of the store we hear our flight number and names over the loud speaker, “Delta flight 422 to San Juan, passengers Mollie Lyon and Timothy Quick please report to gate E27 immediately.”  OMG!! Well our pace picked up a little after that!  I decided to run ahead and let them know we were coming. I get annoyed at those people that are running through the airport, and now I was one of them!!! 

After being the last people to board the plane we made the flight and were on our way to San Juan!! After talking to my mom later she reminded me that him and I have the worst luck with things like this.  She said, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS??!!” and proceeded to remind me that we also missed our bus when traveling to Chicago and were left at the pitstop of Iowa City.  An 1 ½ hour and $350 cab ride later we caught up with our bus! So we decided we better stop pushing our luck or we would probably end up missing our ship on one of the islands!!

More later...


  1. Hahah Mollie!!! You sound like Kuhlers here! :) Glad to know that tardiness happens to the best of us. Sounds like fun times so far - can't wait to read more!! XOXO

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  3. Good to hear what is going on in your life! I didnt know you liked to write. I can't wait to hear more!


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