Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Books worth reading

I recently finished two books in less than a week! I thought I would share here because they were fun reads! 

I read The Pioneer Woman's blog regularly and didn't pay too much attention to the book she put out this year Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. I thought it was another cookbook of hers.  Somehow I learned that it was actually a book about how her and her cowboy husband met.  So I found it on Amazon and threw it in my shopping cart for later so I wouldn't forget about it.  I randomly throw things I'm interested in or want in my shopping cart so I don't forget about them and then place orders when I'm ready.  So that one was now in there and on my radar.  Well, with Amazon when you place something in the cart, it brings up others selections that you might like based on what you look at and search for.  More memiors came up. I LOVE reading memiors (especially about celebrities. I would reccommend all of Tori Spelling's books. VERY funny!).  So lots of memiors were suggested for me, mainly of families and pregnancy.  There was one that caught my eye, Two Kisses for Maddy.  I read the description and immediately threw that in my cart, also. 

Matt and Liz Logelin were high school sweethearts. After years of long-distance dating, the pair finally settled together in Los Angeles, and they had it all: a perfect marriage, a gorgeous new home, and a baby girl on the way. Liz's pregnancy was rocky, but they welcomed Madeline, beautiful and healthy, into the world on March 24, 2008.

Just twenty-seven hours later, Liz suffered a pulmonary embolism and died instantly, without ever holding the daughter whose arrival she had so eagerly awaited. Though confronted with devastating grief and the responsibilities of a new and single father, Matt did not surrender to devastation; he chose to keep moving forward-- to make a life for Maddy.

In this memoir, Matt shares bittersweet and often humorous anecdotes of his courtship and marriage to Liz; of relying on his newborn daughter for the support that she unknowingly provided; and of the extraordinary online community of strangers who have become his friends. In honoring Liz's legacy, heartache has become solace.


The next day it popped into my head that maybe our local library would carry my newest additions to my wishlist.  I searched online and it carries them both! And they were both checked in! YAY! No waitlist for me! I chose to get Two Kisses for Maddy on CD to listen to in the car.  The next day Kaydin and I headed to the library to pick up the books that were already pulled for me and waiting on the shelf.  I love that service! No need to search for what I'm looking for.  I have the hardest time locating books on a library shelf.

On the way home from the library I popped in the first CD. Since we only live just down the street from the library, I only got to listen to the first two minutes of the book.  That night before going to bed, I started The Pioneer Woman's book.  Almost two hours later, I decided I it was probably time to shut my light off and get some sleep.  It was just so interesting and fun to read I didn't want to put it down! Last night I finally finished it, only took me 6 days!
The next morning while taking Kaydin to school, I snuck in about six more minutes of the book on CD. I realized I had my small Ipod headphones and decided to take the book into the office with me and listen while I worked for the day.  Great choice because I was able to finish the book in two days instead of the probably 40 days if would have taken me since I am not in my car much at all.  It was a great book with a great deal of sadness, but I totally recommend it!

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  1. Two Kisses for Maddy sounds incredibly sad. I only have time to read when I travel, so I will have to try a memoir when I go to Boston in June. I have never read one before.


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