Wednesday, April 27, 2011 first post!!

So I've been super slow about actually starting this blog.  Well, today I'm finally making my first post!!  Thought I need to actually write on it before another month passes. 

Well, we are now officially only 3 days from vacation!! Tim and I leave Saturday morning to drive down to Kansas City to fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  From there, we will get on the Carnival Victory for a 7 night cruise that sails to St Thomas, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, and St Maarten.  I am sooo ready to leave because I have exhausted myself with all the research and planning I have been doing. is definitely an addicting website but necessary if cruising for vacation.  So I have all my stuff laying in a huge pile in my bedroom just waiting to be packed into the suitcase!  Last night while gathering stuff I had the suit case laying out. Kaydin comes in and her eyes light up! She hops right in and tells me I need to make sure to pack her too, "And don't forget me!!", she said.  I can't wait to take her on a big vacation but first Tim and I get a much needed first long vacation together!  Now I just need to finish some last minute errands and tasks and I'm ready for Saturday!! I can't wait!
Oh- AND, I need to pack Miss Kaydin for her 10 day stay at Grammy and Papa's house, along with Tim's dogs.  A full-grown Husky, Ciara,  and Malamute, Squeaky.  Kaydin also now thinks SHE needs a suitcase for her vacation.  So we will be scouring Target and Wal-Mart tomorrow evening for a new suitcase, preferably Barbie.  She has hit the Barbie stage and loves them.  Mom spent Easter weekend playing Barbies with Kaydin on her bedroom floor.  Complete with the Barbie Foldin Fun House and Jeep from when I was little.

When I get back from vacation I plan on blogging about our trip in detail here.  But while we are on the ship I learned that you can set up a forum and post on that publicly for free while onboard.  Here is the link if interested  :)
You'll need to sign up with a username and password to access the forum area of the site.

Wish us happy travels!! :)


  1. Have fun Mol! I'm excited to see pictures and hear all about it. We need an FFN when you're back too!

  2. Have fun Mollie and can't wait to see your pictures! Glad to see you have a blog as well :)


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